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Classroom Tent Fundraiser

We were recently given a 40 x 100 ft. tent through a generous donation from the owners of Railside Golf Club.

This tent was an answer to prayers as we will use it for events and Summer Camps.  The kids will have their own area to learn, eat, and enjoy God's creation around them.

However, we need your help to fund the cost of getting the land prepared for the tent. We will be clearing, leveling and grading an area near our front paddocks where the tent will be located. We will be pouring concrete footings to hold the tent in place. And we will be installing a floor and running electricity to the tent. 

Bids were submitted and it will cost almost $5,000 to get the tent ready for use.

Would you considering donating to help us complete this exciting project? Please click on the red Donate button above.

We thank you for your help!


Roanoke Ranch for Kids

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