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"I used to hold on to a lot of grudges for all the things that have happened to me. But through coming to the ranch, I realize there is so much more to life, so many things to enjoy.  I can let go of those things and live a bigger life."



“I loved going to the ranch to see how beautiful God has made some parts of the Earth. Where I live, it is not very beautiful or colorful.”


"I learned that before we got to play and have fun, we had to do some hard work first. Now I am teaching my little brother that rule to be responsible."


“When I was at the ranch, I learned about cool things that they don't teach us in school like: respect, trust, love, and forgiveness.”


“The best part of going to the Roanoke Ranch was when we got off the bus, we always got a hug. I knew they wanted me there.”


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