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How do Horses Help?


The Horse is a very special social animal who can act as a mirror and metaphor for many common human issues. Issues such as fear, trust, love and hope. Horses facilitate self awareness in a deep and profound way. Because of a horse’s unique nature they offer humans many opportunities of growth not easily found elsewhere.  Watching the unity between a troubled youth and a horse based nothing more than that exact second is a profound and awfully powerful event that touches lives. Here at the Ranch, we call our horses Giants, not just for their size and stature but for what they can do and all those troubles they can easily bear on their massive shoulders. There is no better pal that can hold your worries like a horse.


How do Horses teach kids ?

  • When kids see the power they have to control this large scary animal, they learn they have more power than they thought.

  • This can inspire them to take control of their learning and be stronger in situations where they feel powerless, at home, school, or in the community.

  • The kids experience opportunities for growth as they become comfortable around horses and learn to relate with them.

  • As they are affirmed in this growth, they learn to believe in themselves and their ability to grow. This can also reduce destructive behaviors that come from hopelessness.

  • Kids see a connection between their behavior and the ability to focus, concentrate, and undertake commitments.  An essential tool for success in school and work.

  • Helps develop goal-setting and perseverance, including getting back on after a failure.

  • Gives kids a time of being stress-free and think about nothing but themselves and the horses.

  • Horses teach about social order and correctness.

  • Builds patience and teamwork as kids learn to focus on the animal they’re partnering with.



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